Chesterton Schools Network

A collaborative venture of the American Chesterton Society and Chesterton Academy, the Chesterton Schools Network aims to inspire and encourage parent-led Catholic schools across the nation. The Network offers consulting services; templates for evaluating interest and operating a school; and the Chesterton Academy curriculum framework. The Chesterton Academy curriculum framework includes a four-year, sequential, integrated curriculum overview with high level day-to-day lesson plans, reading lists, and sample tests. The framework provides school founders with a blueprint for marketing, hiring and evaluating faculty, resource acquisition, scheduling, and assessing state requirements.

Interested in starting a school in your area? Please contact us for more information or contact a Chesterton Network School in your area (scroll down for list of schools).

Interested in employment opportunities within the Chesterton Schools Network? Click here to learn about open positions with Network schools.

Chesterton Schools Network Conference Call Files for May 11
Course Catalog 2018-19 | Headmaster’s Overview

Chesterton Schools Network
Current Member Schools (in order of open date)

United States

Chesterton Academy of the Twin Cities (Edina Campus, St. Paul Campus)
Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN
Opened Fall 2008
Contact: Emily de Rotstein, Executive Director, 952-378-1779

Chesterton Academy of Buffalo
Buffalo, NY
Opened Fall 2014
Contact: Deacon Michael P. McKeating, Chairman, 716-228-5129

Chesterton Academy of Rochester
at St. John Bosco Schools
Rochester, NY
Opened Fall 2014
Contact: Colleen Richards, Headmaster, 585-348-9401

Chesterton Academy of the Holy Family
Downer’s Grove, IL
Opened Fall 2015
Contact: Julie Bowles, Executive Director, 630-442-1424

Chesterton Academy of Omaha
Omaha, NE
Opened Fall 2015
Contact: Brandon Harvey, Headmaster, 531-444–4643

Chesterton Academy of Milwaukee
Brookfield, WI
Opened Fall 2016
Contact: Theresa Jace, Co-Founder, 952-292-1126

Regina Chesterton Academy at Cardinal O’Hara High School
Philadelphia, PA
Opened Fall 2016
Contact: Andrew Youngblood, Headmaster, 610-544-3800

Martin Saints Classical Academy
Philadelphia, PA
Opened Fall 2017
Contact: Adam Dickerson, Headmaster, 267-495-4865

Chesterton Academy of the Sacred Heart
Peoria, IL
Opened Fall 2017
Contact: Jaron Bromm, Co-Founder, 402-660-5981


Scuola Libera Gilbert Keith Chesterton
San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy
Opened Fall 2008
Contact: Marco Sermarini, Chairman, Chesterton Society of Italy and
Founder, Scuola Libera Gilbert Keith Chesterton,