Cultura Vitae Lecture

The Cultura Vitae Lecture Series was established during Chesterton Academy’s inaugural academic year as an effort of the school to educate the greater community and to build what Saint Pope John Paul II called “the culture of life.”

To that end, the series is dedicated to bringing scholars and accomplished individuals to speak on a variety of issues that directly affect the protection of the human person, the family, and the building up of the common good.

201y Cultura Vitae Lecture
“From Living a Culture of Death to Embracing a Culture of Life”
Joseph Pearce, Popular Catholic Author and Speaker

2016 Cultura Vitae Lecture
“Back to the Family”
Dr. Ray Guardeni, clinical psychologist, author, and national radio and television host

2015 Cultura Vitae Lecture
“Evangelizing the Imagination: How Re-Imagining Fiction Can Change the Culture”
Regina Doman, Catholic Author, Editor, and Speaker

2014 Cultura Vitae Lecture
“The Casualties of Choice and the Hope and Healing of Humanae Vitae”
Alyssa Bormes, Catholic Author, Educator, and Speaker

2013 Cultura Vitae Lecture
Pro-Life Testimony and Exclusive Screening of the Acclaimed Film, Crescendo
Jason Jones, president and founder of the Movie to Movement organization

2012 Cultura Vitae Lecture
“Defending Marriage in an Age of Confusion”
Maggie Gallagher, nationally syndicated columnist, author and speaker

2011 Cultura Vitae Lecture
“Religious Freedom and the Culture of Life: The Wisdom of John Paul II”
Professor Kenneth J. Howell, University of Illinois

2010 Cultura Vitae Lecture
“Chesterton From Contemporary Eyes”
His Excellency Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz, D.D., S.T.D.

2009 Cultura Vitae Lecture
“Foretelling the Economic Future by Way of the Family:  How Our Current Crisis Took a Generation to Unfold and How Marriage Can Save It”
Professor Stephen J. Safranek, J.D.