People in Pictures

“I am an 11th grader at Chesterton Academy. I love the classroom atmosphere, and how everyone can give their opinion. I love how the teachers actually care about what you have to say when you talk about things in the classroom.” – Sophia, Class of 2017


“I am a sophomore. Something that I really like about Chesterton Academy is how small the classes are. I originally was a homeschooler, and when I came here, it was easy to get to know everyone in my class. The boys in my class are a really tight group. We all know each other really well.” – Charlie, Class of 2018



“I am the head of the Math and Science Department, and I teach Physics, Calculus, and Algebra. I am also the mother of an alumnus. I love Chesterton Academy because it is a place where you can explore the greater questions of life and explore it with people who are passionate about finding the truth and aren’t going to get offended if you try to wrestle with things that are difficult. I also love that we have this common bond in our faith, and I can use in everyday teaching. I can explain to kids why we do what we do. AND I love to teach!” – Denise, Teacher



“I am an Alumnus of the Class of 2015. There are a few things that I love about Chesterton: the classical education, daily Mass, and the cultivation of good habits through the integration of classical education and prayer. This is a very important and unique thing that you don’t see at any other school.” – Stephen, Class of 2015



“I am a freshman. I love the integrated curriculum, and the friends that you can make here. I also love how wonderful, funny, and helpful the teachers are.” – Mary, Class of 2019



“I have two sons who are alumni, and I have a daughter who is a senior. What I love about Chesterton Academy is that every student in involved in all activities… What that does is it allows the students to become involved in activities that they would otherwise not try, feel intimidated by, or not attempt due to peer pressure. They are opened to new gifts which they may not have realized they had, and this has really encouraged everyone to be involved and create a family-like atmosphere. The other nice thing about this school is that all the courses are interrelated in some way. They are connected by the Catholic faith, with Christ being the center of all.” – Jim, Parent



“I am a freshman, and I have a sister that goes the Chesterton Academy also. I like the teachers and the classmates. My classmates are very friendly, and I love them, and they love me.” – Lawrence, Class of 2019



“I am an alum as well as an employee. I love Chesterton because it gave me my most valued friendships and an appreciation for beauty in the world.” – Margaret, Class of 2013



“I am a philosophy and history teacher at Chesterton Academy. What I love about Chesterton Academy is that it is a faithful Catholic school. In particular, I love how we teach philosophy, which is unlike most schools out there. We teach students how to think, not just what to think.” – Julian, Teacher



“I am a senior at Chesterton Academy. What I love about Chesterton is how much the students and faculty care about the education. I love how the teachers are able to immerse you in the knowledge that has been taught for thousands of years and integrate that between all of the classes.” – Emilio, Class of 2016



“I graduated from Chesterton in 2013, and I have worked several times in the Administrative office since then. I love how Chesterton Academy has inspired me to become an educator, and I have learned that a good education is key to the development of our children. I look forward to hopefully teaching here someday.” – Leah, Class of 2013



“I am a junior, and I heard about Chesterton from my high school friends. What I love about Chesterton is that the teachers have a passion for their work and what they teach, and the students are eager to learn from them.” – Lynsey, Class of 2017



“I’m a sophomore at Chesterton, and I love the people here. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. It is like a family away from home, which is really comforting to have. It makes school really fun.” – Andrew, Class of 2018



“I am the first graduate of Chesterton Academy. Three things that I love about Chesterton are the aspect of the family, the collaborative learning environment, and the application of faith in your everyday life.” – Br. Barron, Class of 2011



“I am the Recruiting and Enrollment manager for Chesterton Academy, and I am the mother of two alumnae. I love the kids, the fact that they are getting a wonderful education, and that they plan to do big things once they get out of Chesterton Academy.” – Shirley, Administrator and Parent



“I am a sophomore. I love how the teachers really make you think instead of just giving you all the answers.” – Greta, Class of 2018



“I have a son who is an alumnus, a daughter who is a current student, and another daughter who is a future student. What comes to my mind first is that I love the deep Catholic education and the classical part of it. You won’t get this kind of education anywhere else.” – Michael, Parent



“I graduated from Chesterton in 2015, and my dad was the headmaster for about four years. I loved that Chesterton was a small environment. I really felt that I was able to grow in my faith and my education by having one-on-one discussions with teachers. I felt that these conversations shaped me into a whole person.” – Abigail, Class of 2015



“I am a senior; this is my first year here. I like that I am free to be who I am, and that I can be myself.” – Maggie, Class of 2016



“I am a senior at Chesterton Academy. I love that I can study Philosophy, Theology, and singing. Having everyone in choir is really awesome. We also get to go to Mass everyday, which is a highlight.” – Mathias, Class of 2016



“I am the mother of three children at Chesterton, and I love three specific things: the first being its Catholic nature. It truly builds the children’s Catholic faith and they learn to make it their own. The second is thedaily mass experience and option for weekly confession. Finally, I love the joy here. It is a rigorous education without making the students have anxiety attacks or miserable.” – Mary, Parent



“I am a senior at Chesterton. I love the community atmosphere. I love that even though I am a senior, I can be friends with everyone in different grades.” – Mikaela, Class of 2016



“I am a graduate of Chesterton Academy, Class of 2015. I love the community that Chesterton Academy has. Everyone is close and knows each other, which is a big benefit. I also love the curriculum. The format of the curriculum really helps you understand the progression of history and the ways in which culture has changed and advanced.” – Reinhart, Class of 2015



“I am a freshman at Chesterton. I love all of the people in the school and connected with the school. They are so kind and welcoming. Everyone mingles together, and it doesn’t matter what grade you are in.” – Luka, Class of 2019