Top 50 Award

Honor Roll Top 50 (3)Catholic High School Honor Roll – Top 50 School
In September 2012, Chesterton Academy was named one of America’s Top 50 Catholic Secondary Schools by the National Catholic High School Honor Roll. The Honor Roll, sponsored by the Cardinal Newman Society, recognizes and encourages excellence in Catholic secondary education, stressing academic excellence, Catholic identity, and civic education. Since 2004 the Honor Roll has celebrated quality Catholic education throughout the United States. Learn more

In September 2014, Chesterton Academy earned the prestigious “School of Excellence” designation from the Cardinal Newman Society’s Catholic Education Honor Roll (formerly the Top 50 Award). The Honor Roll recognizes secondary schools that are committed to strong Catholic identity and academic excellence. Chesterton Academy was among just seventy-one schools that received the honor of being named as a School of Excellence. This is less than five percent of Catholic high schools in the United States. Learn more